3 Best Virtual File Encryption Software

Protecting data confidentiality is one of the key problems of modern digital technologies. IT specialists recommend encrypting important information with the help of certain software solutions in this regard. Here is more about it.

What is virtual file encryption software?

In the modern world, they are a necessary measure to increase privacy. Protecting data from unauthorized access by competitors or other third parties is a prerequisite for the reliable and efficient operation of any company. Everyone knows that recently all data that is stored on a computer or even in the cloud is at risk of leakage. The most reliable protection against unauthorized access to information and computer software products is the use of various encryption methods (cryptographic methods of information protection). So, even if computer viruses manage to get hold of the files, no one will be able to use them, since the decryption process is almost impossible. In this way, maximum data security is achieved. And the process itself is not very complicated, since modern easy-to-manage programs can handle encryption.

Encryption of digital data is performed using special algorithms, for example, AES-256, Serpent, Twofish. They all work in a similar way: they replace each character (or binary code) with a cipher. The key for it is generated randomly, and sometimes for each character separately. It is possible to decipher the resulting data, but the algorithm is designed in such a way that even with the most powerful processors it will take several months or even years. And the only way to get the initial data quickly is to enter the initial key for the cipher. Only the owner of the file will know it.

Top 3 file encryption software

Programs for encrypting files and folders may differ in encryption algorithms, principles of information storage, and price. Most file encryption tools create separate secure virtual drives – so-called data repositories. So, there are top 3 options that are mostly preferred by companies today:

  • Folder Lock is a paid program for encrypting files, disks, and folders, but with wide functionality and excellent adaptation to work in the Windows environment (integrates into the context menu, so you can close access to data in just a couple of clicks). The program uses the AES-256 algorithm by default, but you can change it to another one or even enable multi-level encryption.
  • TrueCrypt is one of the best data encryption software. Supports 11 data encryption algorithms in a password-protected volume. You can store secret data in a file or on an entire disk partition, as well as on a flashcard, floppy disk, and other removable storage devices. True Type offers the strongest protection for encrypted data: a dual password system, erasure of encryption traces, including mouse and keyboard traces, and finally, providing two levels of denial of the presence of encrypted data.
  • The virtual data rooms (virtual-dataroom.it) is a system for protecting confidential information and personal data from unauthorized access and disclosure of sensitive information during business operations. It is a multifunctional digital platform that ensures a safe data warehouse and protected collaborative workspace. The software creates a virtual hard drive for all your files in the cloud storage and encrypts them for secure access. To ensure security in the data room systems, all data is stored and processed in a single centralized database, to which users can connect online.