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The MacBook Air, also known as Retina MacBook Air has arrived which means that many of you have bought and upgraded to the latest version of MacBook or seriously thinking about buying new and powerful MacBook Air model. The new MacBook Air is slightly smaller than the old version, but there are too many sleeves and cases for each release for ultimate protection.

MacBooks are expensive, so they need to be handled carefully. Everyone wants to protect their useful life tool even if they are not very expensive. We know that no devices have accidental damage warranty and it would be a miserable experience if you accidentally drop your expensive MacBook or have some severe damage and scratches. It is where our list of top 7 MacBook Air cases come to help. Anything you require in terms of style, protection, price tag, and function, there is something here for you.  

We will help you to protect your MacBook and get a functional and cost-effective MacBook Air cases available in online stores. In this article, we will provide the best top 7 MacBook Air cases that you can buy.


If you want to protect your MacBook Air, it is not wrong to protect it from every single side. Mosiso hard case combo involves a hard and robust case for body and lid, a keyboard cover and a screen protector so that your investment will stay safe. The material used in the making of the case is polycarbonate, and the bottom part comes with proper slots for efficient heat dissipation.

All the plugs and ports are open and uncovered so that you don’t have to remove the case to plug in anything with your MacBook Air. It is found in myriad colors so that your MacBook Air will look attractive while avoiding scrapes, minor spills, and scratches.


Many of them feel not so good to cover Apple’s iconic symbol and clean hardware design; that’s why there are many clear cases are available to choose from. One of them is iBenzer soft touch. It has a transparent design, and it will show off your original laptop in addition to protecting your MacBook Air with lightweight and durable plastic. Even if you don’t want to go clear completely, iBenzer provides semi-transparent covers in all types of colors. It will come up with a matching keyboard cover to keep your favorite color scheme all over your MacBook Air.


Casetify MacBook Air cases have a wide range of art prints, and they are working together with a new influencer to bring their users more personalized feel. Casetify offers lightweight and clear cases providing scratch and drop protection. You will never be disappointed by Casetify MacBook Air cases because they have one design for each type of person.

If you are searching for some creative design, charming or crispy look for your MacBook Air, head over to Casetify MacBook Air cases.


Moshi iGlaze provides a lightweight and ultra-thin MacBook Air cases for each sort of MacBook. It is light and thin, but it offers considerable care to your MacBook Air, protecting it from scratches and offering extra protection from any unexpected incident. One reason you should buy Moshi is that they provide warranty on their cases feeling you even secured with your investment.


The MacBook Air cases and sleeves from Pack and Smooch is an excellent pick for Mac users. The cases are beautifully designed and made with high-quality materials not usually used in many laptop bags. Every single case is handmade in Germany and makes use of naturally dyed leather, and merino wool felt. In addition to the padded MacBook Air sleeves, the offering has an exterior pocket with space for an iPad mini or your phone. It is released in dark brown and dark gray colors.


LuvCase hard shell leather case combines protection with the beautiful looks. It offers durable protection with its Leather Hard Shell Case. The accessory includes a hard leather shell that encloses your MacBook Air to protect it from damage. Another important thing is that it is wrapped in a leather case, so it looks fantastic on your table. It will also no add too much thickness to your Mac.   


Some people believe that adding a rugged case to laptops like MacBook Air, kind of defeats the purpose. But it is because the Air is so portable it is snubbed set out into the area and requires comprehensive protection. NexCase’s Heavy Duty best rugged and dual-layer case, of course, adds some bulk, but it’s oblique edges help keep its appearance semi-slim. All of the ports of MacBook Air would be exposed and accessible because the bumper-style case does not get in the way of Apple’s hardware design. Its shock-absorbing edges will keep it secure if it falls off the back of your truck.

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