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Top 5 Facts About Building an Outdoor Dog House

If you treat your dog as a member of the family, you probably want the best for your pet. It does not only include good food and toys but also a nice shelter for when it stays outside. An outdoor dog house can protect your pet from very cold weather or heat, rain, etc. It’ll also become a place where the dog can feel like it belongs to the pet completely. Let’s go over a few things you need to know before you decide to make a large outdoor dog house.

The Advantages of Building a Dog House

Undoubtedly, it’s a great opportunity to make the dog house you wish. You may design it the way you want and add the elements you’d like. It can be built according to the specific needs of your pet. Keep in mind that it takes time and effort but if you do it right, it’ll be the best experience for both you and your pup. To build a good dog house, you need to get a general idea of what you need first.

5 Things to Take into Account Beforehand

Even if you want to create a large outdoor dog house, you still need to measure the size of your pet. There is no point in building it too big. However, there should be enough space for a dog to turn around, lie down, stretch out, etc. If you measure it right, the dog’s body will be able to warm up the place during the cold season. Mind that the dog house needs to be cozy and not too airy.

The second aspect concerns the dog’s habits. You are the person who knows the most about your dog, so take advantage of that to design the best house. In case your pet likes to keep tabs on the surroundings, you can make a flat roof. In case it tends to overheat, avoid shingles for the roof. Details like that are sure to be very helpful.

It’s essential to think about the weather and climate. They will influence your choice of the materials and help you organize it most suitably. For instance, if you have really cold winters, you can add the door to the large outdoor dog house. In case you live in a humid area, you should place the house off the ground. The uplifted floor will also keep the dog house warmer. Decide on the location and think about how to make the most from the area.

The choice of location is an essential step in making the best large dog house. Just avoid putting it in the direct sunlight or very dark zone. It’ll also be wise to think about the materials you are going to use. Plastic is a lightweight option that is easy to maintain. However, wood is likely to last longer. You can cover it with a special paint that will prevent pests, fleas, and other issues.

Finally, if you want to add accessories, you should be extra attentive and careful. Using blankets is not desirable unless you take them inside daily. They’ll attract pests, stay wet and get mold. Use special padding or cedar shavings. You must also get a water bowl and change the water regularly.

Don’t be afraid to get creative. Get some ideas for inspiration on the Internet and adjust the design for your favorite pet. Remember that sometimes the simplest design is the best thing.

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