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Traditional antivirus programmes are not capable to protect endpoints from modern threats. Due to this, the problem of endpoint security arises. VIPRE is an international company oriented at cyber-security software manufacturing. One of its significant creations is VIPRE Endpoint Security which defends endpoints, email servers, virtual environments, and mobile devices from contemporary threats and risks. Go through VIPRE reviews and get ensured that you can exploit it to satisfy your security needs with perfection.

Installation and Handling

VIPRE Endpoint Security takes several clicks and up to ten minutes to launch the Security Cloud and protect your files, applications, and business network from malware, ransomware, and zero-day attacks.

The programme interface is quite simple and friendly in handling. Simplified management and award-winning company support enable you effective Security Cloud usage for your business comfort and security.

Security and Additional Features

Being tailored for business purposes, VIPRE Endpoint Security supplies easy-managed multi-layer protective tools for your company. 

  • File layer – deep scanning for malware, interactive protection, signature-based detection, files whitelisting.
  • Application layer – host instruction prevention system, active process protection.
  • Network layer – intrusion detection system, DNS protection from accidental visiting of malicious sites, suspicious URL blocking, web exploit prevention.
  • Supplementary features – 40+ domain categories, covering the high-risk categories, heuristic filtering, anti-phishing, firewall, low CPU and memory usage, and more.

Operational Privileges

The programme is oriented at the business customer and supplies with all necessary tools for simple administration and security.

  • Simplified Management – you are to retrieve reports, deploy agents, and apply settings to all controlled devices from a central location fast and with no hurdles.
  • Productivity – fast troubleshooting, interactive problem exploration, environmental issues fixing.
  • Unparalleled reporting – fast alerts provision for instant analysis and fixing, scheduled reports creation, covering all controlled devices.

Packages and Pricing

VIPRE Endpoint Security is attainable in free-trial version, so that you can experience all the privileges of the programme on your own. Fill out the form with general information about your company to sign-up and gain the Security Cloud for one-month free disposal.

When it comes to pricing, you are to obtain the full package of security instruments for $150 for 5 seats for one-year disposal.

Company and Support

VIPRE has been providing multi-purpose protection services for over 25 years successfully. The pleasant fact is that all the company services are accompanied with high-quality support. You are to reach 24/7 Customer Support either via email, official telephone, or ask for help at the specially-tailored website.


As a multi-purpose business security programme VIPRE Endpoint Security manages to provide highly-complicated protection processes execution at the shortest time and under simplified administration. The interrelation price-features is a sensible and pleasant one, providing that the attainable features and tools guarantee security analysis and problem-fixing on multiple layers simultaneously. Responsive support services and customized program settings make cooperation with VIPRE highly satisfactory and beneficial. Obtain a free-trial VIPRE Endpoint Security to review the programme personally and improve the performance and safety of your company with no hurdles.

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