Best MacBook Air Cases Protection

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The MacBook Air, also known as Retina MacBook Air has arrived which means that many of you have bought and upgraded to the latest version of MacBook or seriously thinking about buying new and powerful MacBook Air model. The new MacBook Air is slightly smaller than the old version, but there are too many sleeves and cases for each release for ultimate protection. MacBooks are expensive, so they need to be handled carefully. Everyone wants to protect their useful life tool even if they are not very expensive. We know…

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How do Computer Viruses Spread?

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A computer virus is a kind of malicious content that sponges off onto legitimate application code to reproduce and spread itself. Similar to other types of malware, a computer virus is set up and used by attackers to take control and damage the computer. The name virus originates from the process by which it attacks and infects its target. A biological virus such as flu or HIV that cannot replicate on its own and get control over or hijack the cell to get the work done for it, causing destruction…

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